What areas of law does your firm handle?
We are a general practice law firm able to assist with most areas of law. Our most common areas are Family Law, Wills and Estates, Conveyancing, Criminal Law, Employment Law and Mediation.
What can I expect from a Consultation and what do you charge for this service?
We offer a $99 initial consultation wherein you will be given initial advice about the issue and if appropriate a cost’s estimate to proceed. The consultation is an opportunity to sit down with a solicitor with any documents to discuss your obligations, rights and any possible outcomes.
What will legal fees cost me? How does your firm charge?
Our fees are generally time billed according to who is undertaking the work as well as how long it takes. We do offer some matters as fixed fee and suggest talking to us about your options regarding fees as well as for information as to how to save some costs.
How will I be kept informed of my matter?
Our team keep you informed throughout the entire matter. We provide regular written updates as things progress and are always happy to provide an update on the phone should you wish to see how your matter is progressing or if you have any questions.
Where will I go if I am arrested by the Police?
If you are arrested by police you will generally be taken to the closest station and/or watch house and be processed. You are not required to provide a formal statement and you should be given the option to telephone someone or your solicitor. From there you will either be granted bail through the watch house or you may be required to appear in court with respect to whether bail will be granted.
How will a lawyer help with my Criminal Law matter?
We can appear on your behalf in criminal matters, and in many circumstances can appear without you being required to personally attend court. We discuss your history and the charges with you and will guide you through your options and put the best foot forward whether it be a plea of guilty or through a trial.
What documents can a lawyer prepare for me to assist with my Estate Planning?
There are many documents involved in Estate Planning. The three (3) most common is your Will, a Power of Attorney and an Advanced Health Directive. Your Will outlines your wishes as to how your assets are to be divided after your demise whilst your Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone you trust to act on your behalf should you lose capacity. The Advanced Health Directive is an in-depth document that allows you to specify end of life treatments. When we discuss estate planning with you, we will also discuss Binding Death Benefit Nominations and other plans that may need to put in place to best protect you.
What are the benefits of Mediation?
Mediation is where the parties communicate and negotiate a personalised outcome with the assistance of a neutral third party. Mediation is a great alternative to Court as it is both quicker and cost effective than litigation. It will also allow the parties to discuss the issues and possibly obtain reassurance about any concerns direct from the other person.
How does a Court decide who children live with?
The Court generally sees that it is in a child’s best interest to have a significant and meaningful relationship with both parents providing it is safe and practical to do so. When deciding children’s cases many factors are considered including allegations of family violence or abuse, the welfare of the child and if the parties are able to co-parent. The court will usually obtain independent advice through family reports and may appoint an Independent Children’s Lawyer to assist. Depending on the child’s age, the Court may also consider the children’s views however it comes down to what is in the best interests of the child.
How can a lawyer help with my Traffic matter?
In traffic matters, lawyers can assist to put your circumstances to the Court. Will a loss of licence affect your family or ability to earn an income? They can also propose sentencing options, such as a higher fine, but less time suspended from driving or vice versa. We will also assist with recommendations for putting documents before the court to show you understand the possible ramifications of the offence. We are able to guide and represent you should you be able to apply for a special hardship licence for work or family requirements.